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Championing the future

Dear members  While the traumatic events of the past month slowly make their way into the annals of history, we are left with the question – where to from here?   According to SAPOA, July’s civil unrest will have a R20billion impact on KZN’s GDP and a…
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Many areas of KZN including some parts of Gauteng were severely affected by last week’s unrest, looting, and violence. In the aftermath, it has been truly inspiring to see communities quickly rally together to protect, clean up, assist with supplies…
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The small things that have a big impact!

As last week ended, the Florida Road team reflected on a positive and productive week. The Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance team attended to the removal of illegal posters and removed weeds along the Northern passage. The verges are trimmed and…
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Understanding the issue of illegal dumping

Illegal dumping can quickly become a headache in public spaces by reducing the quality of their experience of place and becoming a laborious task to manage and clear. It could also result in a public health hazard. Illegal dumping falls…
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