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Proactive Florida Road UIP Continues To Deliver Sound Precinct Management And Security To Public Areas While Ensuring The UIP’s Continuity Post-Lockdown

With our on-the-ground COVID-19 response being to ensure that essential services continue within the Precinct, the Florida Road UIP has wasted no time working to minimise the impact of the lockdown on the Precinct and to safeguard business continuity post…
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Happy Egyptian Geese Couple On Florida Rd

This happy couple was spotted enjoying peaceful Florida Road this week. Did you know Egyptian Geese pair for life and are also known as Nil Geese named for their place of origin in the Nile Valley. The Egyptians believed these geese…
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Teamwork All Around

Florida Road remains quiet as we work together to keep the precinct safe and looking its best! Metro Police and FRUIP Security are present during the day with SAPS on patrol as well. Our security team is filling the cleaning…
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31 MARCH 2020 MEDIA RELEASE TO RESIDENTS OF ETHEKWINI: WASTE COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL The Cleansing & Solid Waste Unit would like to provide an “update” to the ratepayers of eThekwini regarding the revised requirements for waste collection as follows: a)…
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Florida Rd UIP Delivering Essential Service

The Florida Rd UIP will continue delivering essential services and keeping an eye out for faults through twice daily patrols while still practicing social distancing and sticking to strict hygiene protocols. Our security contingent continues to operate 24/7. A big…
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Essential Service Provider Registration Provider

The official Government registration process to be an Essential Service provider is very easy and quick. Make sure you have on hand your company’s registration number and ID number of a key contact. It takes 3 minutes and will authorise…
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eThekwini Municipality’s Updated Measures For Combating COVID-19

Let’s work together to stop the spread of COVID 19 Here are the eThekwini Municipality’s updated measures for combating COVID-19 spread in the city’s open spaces and facilities. CLICK HERE
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