Cleaning / Greening / Maintenance and Environment

A marvelous month of May: cleaning and greening efforts

We are pleased to share the recent efforts and achievements of our Cleaning and Greening team in keeping Florida Road a clean, green, and inviting place for all. Here’s a roundup of our activities the past two weeks: Gordon Road…
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A collaborative effort in Florida Road

It’s been a week of bustling teamwork in the precinct, with various teams working diligently to enhance the beauty and functionality of Florida Road. Our UIP team has been at the forefront, meticulously tending to the precinct’s green spaces. Along…
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Keeping Florida Road pristine: Our commitment to cleanliness

Our Cleaning and Greening team works tirelessly to ensure that every corner of Florida Road is pristine. Through regular street sweeping, we remove debris and litter, creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. In addition to street cleaning,…
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Keeping Florida Road sparkling clean: A recap of our cleaning efforts

We’re excited to update you on the remarkable work our Cleaning and Greening team has been doing to maintain the  beauty of Florida Road, even amidst ongoing challenges such as strikes. Despite these obstacles, our dedicated team has remained committed…
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Keeping Florida Road Beautiful: The Importance of Weeding and Maintenance

We’re dedicated to preserving the charm of our community through meticulous maintenance. From weeding to tree bowl care, verge cutting, and sweeping, every task is vital. Weeding isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about safeguarding our green spaces from invasive species, ensuring…
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Florida Road UIP Festive Season Security Plan

Through mindful collaboration between the UIP, Ensure Security, Metro Police, and SAPS, a plan for the precinct was discussed and has been finalized, in efforts to ensure a safer Florida Road during the upcoming festive season. The FRUIP funded three…
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