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eTM and FRUIP teams tackle tasks on Florida Road

It was another busy week on Florida Road as the eTM signage department revamped wayfinding signage in the precinct. The FRUIP CGM team swept and removed weeds and rubble after Metrofibre completed trenching points and molling on 7th Avenue. A…
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FRUIP CGM team does great work in the precinct

Our CGM team has been doing great work in the precinct. Highlights of last week include clearing out all the stormwater manholes from the top of Florida Road to the end in preparation for the rainy season. The team also…
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A day in the life of Andrew Fynn Precinct Manager, Florida Road UIP

Funded by Florida Road property owners, the Florida Road UIP primary objective is to enable a thriving precinct that protects property values, enhances the quality of life, drives investor confidence, and supports economic development. This is underpinned by creating safe,…
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