Cleaning / Greening / Maintenance and Environment

Florida Road UIP Festive Season Security Plan

Through mindful collaboration between the UIP, Ensure Security, Metro Police, and SAPS, a plan for the precinct was discussed and has been finalized, in efforts to ensure a safer Florida Road during the upcoming festive season. The FRUIP funded three…
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Cleaning and greening Florida Road

The festive season is fast approaching and our cleaning team rocked it last week at the Florida and Innes Road intersection – litter is gone, and gardens are looking sharp! Huge shout-out to our cleaning and greening crew! #floridaroad #floridaroaduip
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Maintenance to cables at the top of Florida Road is complete

The municipality has successfully completed the replacement of faulty power cables at the top of Florida Road and municipal teams will begin reinstatement of the tar as soon as possible. We will provide an update when the area is reinstated.…
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