Florida Road UIP, Urban Improvement Precinct and UIP At Work

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Cleaning, greening & maintenance underway on Florida Road

Florida Road UIP’s CGM team has been hard at work cleaning the service lanes, trimming verges and getting Gordon Road park looking good. Trees in the park were pruned to avoid damaging the overhead light fittings. We are pleased to…
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The Municipality’s Business Licensing Department is encouraging all businesses to renew their operating licenses by no later than 31 January 2021 in order to continue conducting business for the year. This procedure is conducted annually and is very critical under…
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Cleansing and Solid Waste would like to advise residents of eThekwini that the City remains committed to respond to collection and disposal of domestic refuse. This is a period of solidarity as well as social responsibility and it is during…
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Light art in public spaces – keeping festive season magic alive during COVID

There’s nothing like an artistic light installation to bring a public space to life. Over the past year we’ve seen how illuminating global landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer statue and the Eiffel Tower have helped…
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Ballito UIP Security Manager, Dieter Fittkau’s top five tips to keep you safe this festive season

The holidays are here and finally, holidaymakers can put their feet up and relax. Ballito UIP security manager Dieter Fittkau gives us his top five safety tips so you can enjoy a safe and peaceful festive break If you are…
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URGENT REMINDER: Please help us keep the Florida Road UIP healthy this festive season

With 2020 coming to an end and the festive season gaining momentum, we’d like to remind all our members to continue implementing strict hygiene protocols on their premises. Amidst reports of a COVID-19 infection surge in the Eastern and Western…
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Development control key to keeping precincts in check

Now more than ever, new property developments are key to unlocking growth potential and driving social transformation. But how do we ensure new projects are built sustainably for the long term? Precinct management company UrbanMGT’s head of development control, Gray…
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