Many areas of KZN including some parts of Gauteng were severely affected by last week’s unrest, looting, and violence. In the aftermath, it has been truly inspiring to see communities quickly rally together to protect, clean up, assist with supplies to affected areas, lift spirits and help rebuild KZN.

Florida Road UIP Precinct Manager, Andrew Fynn provides an update on Florida Road:

  • How was Florida Road affected by last week’s unrest? 

Florida Road was very fortunate to emerge from the recent crisis unscathed with no incidents of looting or arson. While many restaurants were already closed due to COVID-19 lockdown regulation adjusted level four, those businesses open were badly affected by a sudden shortage of or no supply of goods. Employees were also unable to report to work as transport was halted due to the risk of traveling.

  • How did the FRUIP teams operate last week?

The FRUIP security teams worked throughout last week, assisting in keeping Florida Road safe and showing great teamwork. Our Security Supervisors, Mr. Xulu, Mr. Mbotshwa, and Mr. Khumalo, and Metro Police helped bring calm while the local CPF, residents, and Metro barricaded the Shell garage from 10th Avenue up to the Florida and Gordon Road intersections. The remainder of our cleaning and maintenance teams are now back on the ground doing good work and Florida Road looks great.

  • How did the immediate and surrounding community pull together?

We salute our CPF and residents who braved the cold to safeguard the community against possible attacks. Fortunately, clean-ups of the area were not necessary.

  • What does the road ahead look like for Florida Road?

Florida Road continues to be conducive to business activity and we expect more businesses to open soon under the current conditions. The saying ‘taking things one day at a time seems very fitting now. Our faith for a better tomorrow is rock solid.

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MAIN IMAGE: Shell Garage checkpoint on Florida Road

IMAGE BELOW: People queue to get essentials 

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