Through mindful collaboration between the UIP, Ensure Security, Metro Police, and SAPS, a plan for the precinct was discussed and has been finalized, in efforts to ensure a safer Florida Road during the upcoming festive season.

The FRUIP funded three additional security personnel that will be doing foot patrols, deployment will be for the night shift, starting from the 13th of December 2023 to the 13th of January 2024 to supplement the existing manpower and create more visibility on the road during the night. The additional complement will be deployed across strategic points along the road from 19:00 – 07:00.

The precinct-appointed security company – Ensure Security has committed to providing an Armed Tactical Support Vehicle to patrol the road intermittently during this period and be on the lookout for them as they will be introducing themselves to the businesses on the road as they go. Β They further established manned β€˜Safe Zones’ which will be marked by flags along the road, to allow visitors and staff a safer area to congregate late at night should they feel unsafe or awaiting transport.

Metro Police will extend their working hours and will have both vehicle and foot patrols until midnight every night for more visibility and swift reaction to by-law issues.

SAPS – Berea SAPS has committed to have extra precinct patrols, with allocated registers at the FNB, Shell, and Caltex garages for the patrol vehicles to sign to ensure their visits are documented on a regular basis. There will be regular stop and search activations as well as weekly snake patrols which include all local security companies for increased visibility and show presence. SAPS has also identified uninhabited and derelict houses as points that will be continuously raided which will help with the effort to deter vagrants from hiding in the shadows.

Important Info:

Our 24/7 hotline number is 086 111 6113. Report a fault or crime in the precinct via our report a fault button.Β View how to report a fault here.


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