The Florida Road UIP (FRUIP) is funded by commercial property owners. Its mandate is to create a safe, cared-for environment that supports responsible business activity, enhances property values, and creates enjoyable public spaces for everyone.

The UIP is mandated to provide the following services to public spaces within a dedicated area:

  • Capacitated professional team
  • Lobbying the city to optimise service delivery and motivate infrastructure repairs and investment
  • Supplementary security, cleaning, greening, and maintenance services
  • Special improvement projects enhancing public space useability and aesthetics
  • 24-hour hotline for emergencies and municipal faults – 086 111 6113
  • Responsive communications platforms including website, social media, and email communications

The Florida Road UIP delivers services from the intersection of Innes and Florida Roads down to the Greyville traffic circle. Its boundary incorporates the various service passages that link to Florida Road and other streets.

To view the map, click here.

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