In the interests of managing security and minimising crime in Florida Rd, the UIP encourages members and the public to make use of the emergency number and panic button systems.

Emergency Number: 086 111 6113
This number should be used when requesting assistance, reporting a crime in progress or reporting a crime that has recently occurred. The UIP security vehicle will respond immediately and provide assistance. By reporting through this channel, it allows the UIP to accurately track and trace all incidents that occur on Florida Rd and address past incidents accordingly with the relevant emergency services and our security provider.

Panic button:
We encourage all members to use their panic buttons ONLY in an emergency where an immediate response is required ie: crime in progress or medical emergency. The panic button should not be used for maintenance issues, reporting faults or general complaints. Should you wish to test your panic button, kindly contact your respective service provide beforehand and inform them that you will be testing your panic button service.


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