The restaurant industry will innovate to survive

Restaurants around the world have taken a significant knock due to the pandemic and because of this, the industry will be among the most innovative as they strive for continuity under intense and ongoing social distancing restrictions.

79% of Florida Road’s restaurants are currently open. “Many of these establishments are operating at reduced capacity with strict hygiene protocols and we encourage the local and neighbouring communities to stop by, grab a coffee or a quick meal and help revive the road’s special atmosphere,” says Florida Road precinct manager Andrew Fynn.

Here are some examples of how restaurants and designers around the world are reinventing how we eat out:

Separate but together

In an article for, French designer Christophe Gernigon proposed suspended plexiglass hoods to allow diners to return to restaurants safely.

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Bringing it home

From pizza to baking to a wholesome week day meal, many restaurants are creating home food kits which can be collected and cooked at home.

Image courtesy of Lamppost Pizza Vista

Meal delivery and pick up services

While deliveries were allowed before restaurants reopened, many establishments have also implemented pick up services with some inventive contactless devices such as this pressurized transfer chamber at a restaurant in San Francisco.

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Closing the streets to cars to allow restaurants to set up tables outside will assist with increasing space for social distancing and dining in safety as seen on this street in Tampa, Florida.

Image courtesy of Tony Garcia

Given the social nature of eating out, restaurant businesses will continue to push the boundaries more so than others in order to survive. What have you done to reinvent your business over the past few weeks? Please let us know by emailing

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