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Mercury Articles Speak To Crime And Solutions

Two recent articles in The Mercury spoke to issues of crime in the Durban. The one around the CBD and the impact of business confidence, and the other talking to the value of collective effort impact of structures like the…
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Broken Bin Quickly Repaired

Thank-you to DSW for their immediate response to the UIP’s request to replace broken bins along Florida Rd. Keeping on top of these types of issues helps create a collectively managed place.
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Stormwater Drain Clean Out

The UIP cleaning team spent the better part of 2 days cleaning out the storm water drains along Florida Rd. This is done to ensure the proper drainage of Florida Rd when it rains and also help eliminate the amount…
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Paving Reinstatement Complete

Over the past few weeks, the Florida Rd maintenance team have been busy reinstating paving in key pedestrian areas along Florida Rd, an important part of ensuring the road is as user friendly as possible. The main areas addressed include…
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Thanks To Roads Department

The UIP would like to thank the eThekweni Municipality Roads Department for taking care of a series of pavement repairs requested, including new bollards outside the GO Durban office and various repairs to asphalt along the Florida Rd side lanes.
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Collective Effort = Quick Clean-Up

While many parts of KZN were badly affected by the weekend rain, there was very little impact on Florida Rd other than the erosion of tree bowls which will be repaired by the team this week. However due to our…
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Getting It Done

Thanks to the eThekweni Municipality road department for responding to a number of UIP requests along the Florida Rd streets and paving, including the replacement stop signs; line painting; pavement repairs, and manhole installations.
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