Proactive Florida Road UIP Continues To Deliver Sound Precinct Management And Security To Public Areas While Ensuring The UIP’s Continuity Post-Lockdown

With our on-the-ground COVID-19 response being to ensure that essential services continue within the Precinct, the Florida Road UIP has wasted no time working to minimise the impact of the lockdown on the Precinct and to safeguard business continuity post lockdown.

Looking ahead, the Florida Road UIP Board has reviewed the budget to find ways to contain costs should the lock-down be extended past the end of April. The aim is to save costs and ensure cash-flow sustainability while still achieving the UIP’s objectives: To optimally manage a crime-free, clean and well-maintained precinct which is ready for making up lost economic ground once the lockdown is over. FRUIP Precinct Manager Jarrod Evans says: “Reviewing the budget and containing costs where possible will help us ease the post lock-down economic strain ensuring we’re able to  keep doing what we do best: Delivering essential services, protecting investor confidence and ensuring our precinct continues to be one of Durban’s most desirable locations to visit and do business.”  

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