In many businesses, posters are seen as an integral part of advertising to help it grow. But often too many unregulated or illegal posters or advertising placed incorrectly can lead to an urban space looking shabby and uncared for. Florida Road Precinct manager Andrew Fyn tells us about the Florida Road UIP’s poster management system that ensures posters are kept in check.

What does the Florida Road UIP’s poster management entail?

Posters must display the eThekwini Municpality sticker at the bottom corner to indicate that it has been authorized and paid for by the advertising company. Posters must be 2,4m high and 150m apart i.e. a poster to every third pole. The company doing the advertising must remove posters that have bee expired. Any posters that have not been removed will be taken down by our maintenance team.

Does your poster management include graffiti?

Yes – we remove a lot of graffiti on the road.

Is there any special technique to remove unauthorised posters and graffiti?

Posters are simply taken down using a ladder and some soapy water. Graffiti on the other hand is removed with a solution of water and detergent or a solvent that does not discolour the existing paint or structure.

Why is poster management important in the precinct?

Posters are important as they share events and information with the precinct. Worn out posters can make an area look untidy and uncared for so poster management is an essential part of our overarching purpose to protect property and ensure a great experience of place for all people who live in and visit Florida Road.

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