The Florida Rd UIP would like to remind all road users to report any suspicious activity to the Hotline on 086 111 6113 for prompt response by our security team. We also encourage the reporting of individuals seen begging within the precinct. Begging is a bylaw offence and we endeavour to assist the municipality in securing our precinct from such activity.

Additionally, here are some crime awareness tips from the SAPS for the prevention of house robbery and theft awareness:

  • Know all emergency numbers – have them displayed
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible, this will assist the police with prompt response in case of emergency
  • Get to know your neighbours and build a relationship of mutual trust and support
  • Exchange telephone numbers with neighbours for emergency purposes
  • Have an alarm system with panic button facility installed
  • Have security gates fitted to all doors and burglar guards fitted to all windows
  • Don’t open doors/gates to strangers. Viewing holes and latches recommended.
  • Ensure that your house has sufficient lighting, especially at night
  • Watch out for suspicious people and vehicles in your neighbourhood and report them to the police
  • Network with your neighbours to alert them also of suspicious people and vehicles and together you could monitor them until the police arrive.
  • When you are at home keep all gates locked even if the door is opened it will be difficult for the intruder to enter your premises
  • A watchdog is a good alarm system, let your dog roam the property at night don’t lock them away or tie them up
  • Emergency: 10111
  • Berea SAPS: 031 2771068

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