As the holiday season is fast approaching, we are reminded to stay vigilant. The Berea SAP have issued the following with regards to Hi-jacking.

Reducing the Risk of Hi-jacking

  • If you are bumped or rear-ended in a suspicious way, do not leave your car. Lock the doors and windows and drive to your nearest police station.
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition when leaving your car, e.g: When paying for petrol or getting a parking ticket to park – that is all the time it takes for a car to be stolen.
  • Be alert when you are outside, consider who is around you and where your keys are ( don’t have your keys on view when going to the bank or paying for petrol).
  • Be aware of the other cars around you; never stop to close to the car in front of you.
  • Use common sense; different circumstances will mean a different reaction – Do not put yourself in danger and trust your instincts if it happens to you. Get away from the scene as quickly as possible and report to the police immediately.