A marvelous month of May: cleaning and greening efforts

We are pleased to share the recent efforts and achievements of our Cleaning and Greening team in keeping Florida Road a clean, green, and inviting place for all. Here’s a roundup of our activities the past two weeks:

Gordon Road Park

Our team has been hard at work in Gordon Road Park. We removed weeds, trimmed trees, and pressure cleaned the stairs and platform. The park is now looking better than ever, offering a pleasant and welcoming space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Service Lane Cleanups

Our Cleaning and Greening team tackled multiple service lanes to ensure they are clean and free of debris:

  • Service Lane off 5th Avenue: Cleared litter and debris, significantly improving the cleanliness of the area.
  • Service Lane behind the Benjamin Hotel: Thoroughly cleaned and revitalised, making it more pleasant for everyone.

Jet Cleaning Efforts

We took our cleaning efforts up a notch with jet cleaning:

  • Park Sitting Area: Our team jet-cleaned the sitting area in the park, making it spotless and inviting.
  • Offer for Businesses: If any businesses need their entrance areas cleaned, we’re happy to assist.

Weed Control

  • Circle Garden and Paved Intersection: Our team ensured the circle garden is well-maintained and sprayed the paved intersection with weed killer to keep it clean and weed-free.

Our collective efforts ensure that Florida Road remains a vibrant and appealing area for everyone. We appreciate the continued support from all our members, residents, and the community in keeping our precinct clean and green.

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