Funded by Florida Road property owners, the Florida Road UIP primary objective is to enable a thriving precinct that protects property values, enhances the quality of life, drives investor confidence, and supports economic development. This is underpinned by creating safe, clean, well-maintained, and desirable public spaces within the precinct.

Andrew Fynn precinct manager, Florida Road UIP, leads the operations teams committed to delivering these crucial supplementary services on the ground every day. This is what his typical workday looks like.

What are your main tasks during the day?

My day begins around 8am ensuring cleaning, greening, maintenance and security staff are on site carrying out their duties and then I spend some time dealing with issues and incidents that may have arisen the night before. I also interact with our stakeholders and residents addressing queries or concerns they may have.

My morning rounds include monitoring the precinct looking out for litter, illegal dumping, infrastructure damage and general maintenance issues that need to be dealt with. I also keep a watch for municipal faults which are reported to the municipality to be addressed. These faults are followed up regularly until the fault has been resolved.

Where in the precinct is your favourite coffee spot?

There are many good coffee spots along Florida Road but my current favourite is Federal Coffee on Holden Avenue.

Where do you lunch?

My favourite place to enjoy lunch is Next Chapter.

What do you love about your precinct?

Florida Road is special to me because it has such a wonderful diversity of people and places to eat and visit. The atmosphere is always upbeat and alive – it’s a great place to be during the day and the night.

What do you love about what you do?

I love being a part of this community and leading the UIP team dedicated to keeping it looking great so that businesses will continue investing here and people will continue to enjoy its unique vibe.

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